Kaia Faith Calaway is the daughter of the famous American celebrity wrestler Of the WWE champion Undertaker.

    Kaia Faith Calaway

    About Of Kaia Faith Calaway

    Kaia Faith Calaway is a celebrity kid in America, who is famous as the daughter of very celebrated professional wrestling. who is even considered the GOAT of wrestling, and who is none other than The Undertaker. She holds a very special place in the heart of The Undertaker as she is the only daughter, born out of the relationship of Undertaker with his third wife, Michelle McCool.

    Kaia Faith Calaway Biography

    Kaia Faith Calaway Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Kaia Faith Calaway rose to fame as the daughter of Mark William Calaway. And known by his ring name, The Undertaker, 57, is a retired professional wrestler from America. Being born as the child of professional wrestlers, she has been brought up to be a strong kid who is ready to tackle every tough situation.

    Kaia Faith Age

    The special day, when the daughter of the GOAT of the wrestling world came to this world is 29th August 2012. Kaia Faith Calaway is currently 10 years old, as of March 2023. She is the biological kid of The Undertaker.

    Kaia’s Early Life

    The daughter of numerous accolades, kaia spent her early life in Austin, Texas, USA, surrounded by her family in a very enjoyable, and luxurious manner. 

    Kaia Faith’s Family

    Her family of Kaia contains her father, The Undertaker, 57, who is a retired professional wrestler. He was born with Mark Willaim Calaway in Austin, Texas. The Undertaker spent most of his professional life in WWE/WWF and has received many titles and awards including 4 WWE Championships, 3 World Heavyweight Championships, 6 World Tag Team Championships, a Royal Rumble Match, and a Hardcore Championship.  The mother of Kaia Faith is Michelle McCool, 43. She is also a professional wrestler and a 2 time-champion of WWE women’s matches. 

    Kaia Faith Calaway Family

    Her parents married in 2010 and this was the 3rd marriage of The Undertaker. The couple adopted a boy named Kolt in 2021. Kaia also has 3 half-siblings from the previous marriages of her father named Gunner Vincent, Chasey Calaway, and Gracie Calaway. The little girl is attending a primary school in Texas whose name is a secret. 

    Kaia Faith Career

    For now, the daughter of The Undertaker is not following any career and is just focusing on her studies. 


    Born and raised as the loving daughter of the wrestling GOAT. The Undertaker, and his 3rd wife, Michelle McCool, Kaia Faith Calaway have turned out to be a celebrity kid. The Virgo girl entered this world on 29th August 2012 and is currently 10 years old. She is an older sister to her adoptive brother, Kolt, and has 3 half-siblings from her father’s previous marriages. She is currently studying in a primary school and not following any profession.