If we see the current scenario things have become much better and so many online platforms are available for students which help them in their admission process. One such known website among students is sgloballive .com. Let’s get you all the details of the website.

    What is Sgloballive com?

    sgloballive .com is an online platform that was created with the main intention of helping out students search for and enroll in their dream high schools. The website was designed in the Philippines and since then has been working towards helping students in getting admitted to their dream colleges.

    The mission of Sgloballive com

    The main mission of this website sgloballive .com is to select students for different high schools across the country. Though the students have the right to apply to their preferred schools, the website carefully considers whether they are eligible for that particular school for which they have applied. If the students are ineligible, then they are asked to change their preference as per the results published. 

    How does the website work Sgloballive com

    Firstly the students have to create an account and register themselves. The students who register themselves on the website are asked to choose three schools and their preferred department in which they want to get admission, then on the basis of this, the website analyzes seat availability and marks scored by the candidate. Once this is done, a list is published on the website with students’ names and the colleges in which they have been enrolled.

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    How to register on sgloballive .com?

    1. First, create an account. For doing this visit the website and click on the ‘www.sgloballive.com’ tab. 
    2. After creating the account, you can access all the features of the website. 
    3. For logging in to your account, you will need to use your username and password. For doing this click on the login icon and enter your registered email id in the Username field. 
    4. If you have forgotten your password you can also tap on the forgotten password and recover your password or change your password.
    5. After successfully logging in you can now access all the resources available on the site to search.

    How to apply sgloballive .com

    The students are asked to provide their details on the site. Once they have created a sgloballive com account and registered they have to use the Slaskie educational website. This website gives detailed information about schools and colleges. 

    After this, the students select three options, their top preference, a rational option, and the least preferred. While submitting the application form, they also have to submit their class 8 mark sheets and other necessary certificates. 

    Is the Sgloballive com legal and authentic?

    Many students have raised their concerns regarding the website’s legality. Too much information is not available in this regard, so it is always advisable for students not to rely on a single website for their enrolments in schools and colleges.

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    Validity of the website

    The main objective behind the creation of this website was to help students, but it is also important to know the validity of the site. 

    1. sgloballive .com Creation Date – It was created in the year 2022 in the month of May in the Philippines. 
    2. Trust Score – According to a few trust-ranking websites, it has been given a score of 2, which is considered quite low for a website.
    3. Creation of the website – It was created by Avatar Digital and too much information is not available in this regard.
    4. Privacy policies – Privacy policies and terms and conditions are not available on the website, which is a very important point to be considered, as it shows the authenticity of any website.
    5. Rank on Alexa – Alexa rank is not available for this website.


    Sgloballive com helps students in getting into the schools of their dreams. The candidate has the ability to choose from their favorite colleges during this process. Once the process is complete, the candidate has the option to get into the school because there is an option of supplementary recruitment.

    We know that in the developing era, the number of schools and colleges is also increasing day by day, but selecting the best school for you is not easy. It is not only a difficult task but also requires a huge amount of time and sometimes money as well. Having a platform that gives you access to the information of colleges in which you want to enroll is really a boon. sgloballive com is for sure going to help in this regard and you can start studying in your dream college.