The Google home Max is a compact speaker with Google Assistant capabilities. You can simplest use it while it’s plugged an outlet, so it isn’t appropriate for outside use. But, it’s voice-activated, and it is able to select up your voice even built-in case a long way far from the speaker.


    The Google home Max white has a reasonably discreet style and must fit properly built-into most décor. But, a few might integrated it a piece bulky, and due to its non-cylbuilt-indrical design, some may decide upon it integrated a wall. You could additionally position it vertically, but this turns the sound built-into mono.

    • Extent – 606 built-in³ (nine,924 cm³)
    • Weight – 11.7 lbs (five.3 kg)
    • Energy source – AC only
    • One-Hand convey – No

    This speaker is bulky and isn’t designed to be very portable. It’s powered most effective with the aid of AC, so it desires to be plugged integrated a wall outlet for it to paintings.

    The construct best Is mediocre. The body is totally made from plastic, and there’s fabric protecting the speaker, which is challenge and can collect dust manage scheme is extremely good. You’ve got a small the of the speaker that lets you to control volume and play/pause your audio content material without problems. You can additionally flip off the microphone with a physical switch positioned the speaker. Unluckily, you could’t bypass forward or backward with the speaker’s control scheme, but this shouldn’t count an excessive amount of as you can nonetheless achieve this with voice.

    Google domestic Max clever Speaker

    • Electricity cable
    • Magnetic smooth base
    • Person manual
    • Frequency reaction Accuracy

    The Google domestic Max’s frequency response accuracy is respectable. The general sound profile is properly-balanced, although it struggles with low-bass, that may lack of thump and rumble. Lamentably, it additionally lacks a chunk of element upper treble, which would possibly make it sound a bit darkish. It’s nevertheless well-balanced normal, particularly mid-range, that is for vocals and communicate. We used the clever Sound characteristic that car-calibrates the speaker to the room it’s.


    The soundstage is mediocre. Whilst it’s a stereo sound when located horizontally, the directivity is quite poor, resulting integrated a soundstage that feels a piece more closed-off. The speaker mono whenever located vertically, however we don’t test for this. For a clever speaker with a better soundstage, check out the Bose domestic Speaker 500.


    The Google home Max’s dynamic performance is truthful. It is able to get quite loud, that is fantastic built-in case it integrated a crowded or massive environment. However, there are some compression artifacts integrated each the bass and treble ranges at max volume, so push it to its limits isn’t encouraged.

    Voice Assistant

    The Google home Max has exquisite voice assistant assist. Like the Google Nest Audio, it has Google Assistant and plays thoroughly, even a long way from the speaker. You can effortlessly manage your audio content together with your voice, and if you don’t like that the speaker is usually attention to you, you may mute the microphone with the switch at the again.

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