The TAF-COP (Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management & Consumer Protection) Portal represents a government-led effort led by the Department of Telecommunications. Its primary goal is to furnish subscribers with a platform for monitoring and overseeing their mobile connections. Through this portal, users can easily verify the count of mobile connections registered under their name and, if needed, take appropriate measures to regularize any additional connections.

    The primary focus of this portal revolves around preventing fraud and safeguarding consumer interests within the telecom sector. This article aims to provide an introduction to the features and advantages offered by the TAF-COP portal, which can be accessed at in and elucidates how subscribers can effectively utilize its services.

    Key Features of the TAF-COP Portal include:

    • Mobile Connection Verification: This portal enables subscribers to confirm the number of mobile connections registered in their name.
    • Fraud Detection Alert: Subscribers who possess more than nine multiple connections in their name will receive an SMS alert, promptly notifying them of potential fraud or unauthorized SIM card usage.
    • Department of Telecommunications Authentication: Users can gain access to the TAF-COP portal (located at taf-cop dg telecom gov in) by logging in using their credentials provided by the Department of Telecommunications.
    • Mobile Number Monitoring Facility: The portal provides a dedicated feature for users to check and monitor mobile numbers that are registered under their name.
    • Ticket ID for Tracking: Subscribers can utilize the Ticket ID Reference to efficiently track and manage their telecom connections.

    TAF-COP Portal provides the following advantages:

    • Fraud Detection Capability: It aids in the identification of potential fraud and the detection of unauthorized SIM cards.
    • Consumer Protection: The portal offers analytics and safeguards the interests of users.
    • Connection Verification: Users can confirm the registration status of their mobile connections.
    • SIM Card Status Monitoring: It keeps track of the operational status of SIM cards.
    • Department of Telecommunications Authentication: It ensures secure access to telecom account information.
    • SMS Alerts: Subscribers with multiple connections are promptly notified via SMS.
    • Streamlined Telecom Management: The portal simplifies tracking and resolution of issues.
    • Effortless Account Regularization: It assists in rectifying irregularities in user accounts.
    • Nationwide Accessibility: Accessible to telecom subscribers throughout India.
    • Enhanced Transparency: Contributes to increased transparency in telecom services.
    • Government Initiative: Demonstrates the government’s commitment to consumer protection and fraud prevention.