Selling a car is very rarely straightforward, and usually takes a significant amount of time, effort, and hassle before it is sold.

Anyone who has ever sold their car privately understands the pain of putting it on the market and then having their lives significantly disrupted as they put up with countless tire-kickers and time-wasters who demand to see or test drive the car at various times of the day and night.

This can make it difficult for you to concentrate on your work, enjoy your personal life, or make plans at weekends. While this may sound like an exaggeration, the car-selling process can truly become this irritating if you don’t approach it in the right way.

What’s more, you may need to arrange for the transportation of the vehicle to its new owner’s location; you will need to decide upon a good price for your car; and you’ll need to ensure it is presentable enough to be sold quickly and for the right price.

To help make the process of selling your car easier, here are some top tips.

Use a car shipment service if the buyer is far away

One of the most irritating aspects of selling a car is arranging the logistics with the buyer if they live far away from you. This is particularly true if they have bought your car sight unseen and need it transported straight to their location.

Unless you fancy driving the car all the way there (and arranging a way home via public transport), you will need to use a car shipping service; thankfully, there are a wealth of car shipping companies to choose from, so make sure you find the best price and most flexible service possible.

Research what the average price is for your type of car

Another challenging aspect of selling your car is deciding upon the right price to let it go for.

The reason why this is so difficult is because, ultimately, you have no idea what someone is willing to spend on the right car for them. The used car market is not just about finding bargains—it is a way for enthusiasts of certain models to find exactly the right specification they desire.

Therefore, if you have a car with an attractive spec (including paint color, trim level, wheel design, and so on) then you should price it accordingly. Many people will buy used cars on these attributes alone, and will often be willing to pay a premium for the right spec.

To value your car, research similar models online and ask local dealers how much they would be willing to pay for it (bearing in mind that they will likely low-ball you). 

Make sure you clean the car thoroughly and take high-quality pictures before advertising

Make sure that your car is as clean and presentable as possible before taking pictures of it or allowing people to come and view it.

It is incredible how many people fail to do this—and fail to sell the car as a result.

You wouldn’t want to buy a messy and dirty car, so don’t expect this of other people. Make sure it has been valeted and brought up to a high standard (you may just get more for it as a result).