The gaming and esports industries are one of the most booming industries these days. With new games being introduced every now and then, the users also have multiple options to choose from. Some play games in their leisure time while some play to sharpen their mind. The games which are always in trend and which are the go-to games of game lovers are card games and word games. One such game which is being loved by many these days is the Wheedle game.

    What does the word Wheedle mean?

    The basic meaning of the word wheedle is to persuade or attempt to persuade someone by flattery. So you must already be thinking that the game Wheedle has some relevance to its meaning. No, it’s a game of words with no relevance.

    History of Wheedle game:

    Word games were launched and announced around the year 2006 when two English teachers were figuring out a way to have fun with the students while teaching. Such games were first released on Facebook around the year 2011. The game initially for kids is now one of the favorite games of every age group.

    The Wheedle Game:

    Are you the one who used to sit with the newspapers solving crossword puzzles? Are you a word master? Well if so then you are for sure going to love the Wheedle game, though it is different from your usual crossword puzzles, you can use your knowledge of words here as well. The game has an infinite number of word puzzles that everyone can solve. 

    Which games are similar to Wheedle?

    Wheedle is quite similar to Word Master in which the player can complete as many world puzzles as you want. The players can earn streaks by completing a certain number of puzzles in a row. When the player guesses any word correctly, the player gets a new and blank grid, and a number is then added to the running counter, just like what happens in video games. Also if the player can’t correctly fill the grid, the game comes to an end. 

    If you want to score high, you are free to play as much as you want. The game is appropriate for Nintendo fans of all age groups. If you want to go down memory lane then you will really like this game.

    Some other similar games:

    1. Squabble – In this game, you are allowed to play with other players and you have to make guesses as fast as you can. You get a total of six attempts to get the word right.
    1. Lewdle – This game also uses the color block style, but the game has a content advisory.
    1. Crosswordle – Here you have to guess two words that intersect like the crossword puzzle games.
    1. Word Master – This game can be played on a web browser also and you can play it any number of times in a day.
    1. Absurdly – This game uses your guesses to trim down its list of words.

    What are the rules of the wheedle game?

    Every game has rules that the player has to follow to win. Let’s see what are the rules associated with this game:

    • The player can play any number of times in a day.
    • The player gets six chances to get the word right.
    • The color of the tiles gets changed after each guess to indicate how close the player was to get the right word.

    Wheedle game on play store:

    The Wheedle game is having quite a limited number of downloads on the Google Play Store. The game is developed by Clueless software and has 1k+ downloads. It is rated for people above the age of 16. 

    The game is available in the 2.0 version and the last update was done in Feb 2022. It was released on the Play Store in the same month on Feb 5th. Also, the game is available on Play Store in 6 different languages, which are English, Spanish, Italiano, Portuguese, French, and Catalan. 

    Wheedle and Wordle:

    Though the game is quite similar to the Wordle game, Wordle’s popularity at present is immense. The game releases one word daily, which the players wait eagerly to complete. Wordle has more than 5 million downloads on the play store and more than 93k reviews. It’s rated 4.5 stars with most of the reviews being positive. Also, another major difference between the two games is that Wheedle has an age limit of 16+ years and Wordle is rated for 3+ years. 

    Drawbacks of the game:

    Though the game is quite similar to Wordle, users face some glitches and it is not that polished yet. Wheedle was released last year only and the makers of the game are probably still working on the glitches which the users have faced and given feedback on. Hoping it’s back on track for the users pretty soon and would become the most-liked word game by all the word lovers players around the corner.

    Advantages of playing Wheedle:

    • It sharpens your mind.
    • It helps to increase your word power.
    • It strengthens your memory power.
    • Your vocabulary knowledge increases drastically.
    • Your memory retention power increases.
    • The last and the most significant one is that you can use your leisure time playing this game and for sure you would not be disappointed. 

    Word games have always been enjoyed by the masses since their launch back in the early 2000s. Parents prefer their kids to play such games to enhance their vocab power and memory retention, whereas it has become one of the favorite time pass activities for the youths. 

    Many word games are still being launched and people are very excited to play and try the new ones as well. Wheedle has been launched last year only, and is probably in the development phase itself, though it may take some time for the game to stand out and make a name for itself just like Wordle, we strongly believe that over time it’s for sure going to be loved and admired by many.

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