Over the past few years, sexual assault issues have augmented drastically. It is a very sad reality that children of younger age and old women have been inclined to these cases. According to some research, numerous cases are taking place but some are going uncovered due to some reasons.

    Nowadays these cases have increased dramatically all over the world. These sexual assault cases of jordan dominique odom father can be child abuse, domestic violence or elderly sexual assault, etc. These can happen in schools, public places, offices, etc. Sexual assault is considered a crime and in some countries, suspects will be hanged to death if they are found guilty.

    Jordan dominique odom Father News

    Recently Jordan dominique odom father Carlos’s coy sexual assault case has shaken social media. Carlos Coy is a well-known American rapper and songwriter. He turned on his music career in the year 1994. Initially, he used Christian rapper songs. Later he started his recording label along with his friends and named it Dope House Records. Carlos Coy has got vast popularity for his songs. He became super popular and even acquired a lot of followers.

    • In the year 2001, Coy was reprimanded by Houston authorities for sexually attacking a nine-year girl. But he was bailed out from county jail. This incident took place during labor day of that year.
    •  Later in 2001, Coy was blamed and reprimanded by Harris County, Texas for allegedly impregnating a 13-year-old girl. This incident occurred in 1993 and the victim’s parents requested child support compensation from him. 
    • Again in 2002, he was blamed of sexually attacking a 14 years old girl. This time the coy was arrested without nonbailranty. In the year 2002, the court started coys trials when the nine years old girl’s mother gave evidence that the girl had left a sleepover due to abuse. The other day the girl gave evidence against Coy stating that Coy touched her inappropriately while sleeping.
    • In the year 2002, a Houston jury sentenced Coy against the sexual assault of a nine years girl. The jury sentenced Coy to 45 years in jail and ordered Coy to pay a $10,000 penalty.

    As of now, Coy was kept in the Ramsey unit, in Texas. He will get parole in October 2024 but his actual release date was April 2047. But Coy says that he was innocent. After this incident, there were numerous messages from his fans asking them to release him. There were even online posters circulated all over social media mentioning the release of him.

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