The traditional 9 to 5 work has become obsolete and uninteresting. People are figuring up speedier and more clever methods to make a living in the modern world. One such alternative is earning money online, and there are several methods to do it.

Working with GPT (Get Paid To) sites, taking paid surveys, and using PTC (Paid To Click) websites are a few typical strategies. I’ll introduce you to Scarlet Clicks, one of the most respected PTC platforms, in this post. PTC websites are online venues where you may make money by clicking on advertisements.

I’ll guide you on how to join Scarlet Clicks, how much you can potentially earn, and how to withdraw your earnings. Additionally, I’ll share popular user reviews to provide you with a foundational understanding of the platform and help you decide if it’s worth your time and participation.

What is Scarlet Clicks?

It is a platform known for paid-to-click (PTC) opportunities. Members can earn rewards by clicking and viewing advertisements, participating in PTC-related games and offers, and by referring new members to join. Since its establishment in 2009, It has garnered a membership base exceeding one million and has disbursed millions of dollars in payouts.

How to Work on Scarlet Clicks?

Scarlet , a prominent PTC platform, offers various tasks for users to earn. Here’s an overview of the available tasks:

  • Paid To Click Ads: These are the core activities on Scarlet. Access the “View Ads” tab on the site’s dashboard, click on ads, and wait for a specified time to complete the task. The earnings are predetermined and range from $0.0001 to R$0.0005 per ad based on viewing time.
  • Traffic Exchange: If you have a blog, website, or YouTube channel, you can exchange traffic with other users. Provide views to other websites, and in return, receive visits to your own. You can select the location of your visitors, but this traffic may not lead to sales for affiliate websites.
  • Buy Ads: You can purchase ads on the site to continue earning while viewing them. Typically, the buying rate is lower than the earnings, resulting in a profit, but excessive ads can slow down your site and affect user experience.

Earning By Signing Up: It offers GPT (Get-Paid-To) tasks, including signing up for emails. These tasks can be found under the PTSU (Paid To Sign Up) tab. You’ll be directed to external websites to sign up, and it will pay you between 5 cents to 50 cents, depending on the website. Be sure to follow specific instructions and conditions to qualify for these tasks.